Patsy Rodenburg brings you Shakespeare in the present

“The best thing you can possibly have is a class with Patsy.”

Dame Judi Dench (Shakespeare in Love, Casino Royale)

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“Patsy Rodenburg wants to free your voice so that you can express yourself fully and honestly.”

Sir Ian McKellen (Richard III, Lord of the Rings)

“Patsy Rodenburg's the only person I'd ever go to really. I went to her for a few movie roles when I wanted to do something with my voice, and I went to her another time when I was doing a play.”

Ewan McGregor (The Real Thing, Moulin Rouge!)

For the first time ever on DVD, experience the acclaimed work of Master Teacher Patsy Rodenburg! Filmed on the stages of Michael Howard Studios in New York and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, this comprehensive series brings you Patsy's unique approach to voice and acting through the work of history's greatest playwright.

Throughout this 8-disc collection, explore Patsy's highly sought-after techniques and exercises in Movement, Speech, Body, Vocal Warmup, Owning, Scaffolding, Givens & “Second Circle.”

In addition, Patsy works one-on-one with actors performing speeches from Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, King Lear, and many more. Watch Patsy's techniques come to life through renowned actors Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth), Lynn Cohen (Munich, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Jay O. Sanders (Revolutionary Road, Green Lantern), and others.

  • 8 DVD discs
  • Over 26 hours of footage
  • Presents powerful physical and vocal warm-ups for actors of all levels
  • Includes comprehensive coverage of Patsy's patented group exercises covered in her Level I workshop
  • Teaches Patsy's “Second Circle” technique, the basis for Level II of her workshop
  • Contains detailed, one-on-one analysis of Shakespeare's most famous monologues, previously reserved for Patsy's most advanced students in Level III of her workshop
  • Features hours of private coaching with actors of various skill levels, from Shakespeare beginners to established film and television performers
  • Makes an excellent introduction to Patsy's method or supplement to her training

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“Patsy Rodenburg Brings You Shakespeare In The Present”

Patsy works with Joseph Fiennes on a speech from Hamlet:

Patsy guides a group of actors through breathwork:

Patsy demonstrates her Intone Exercise with actors: